Explore Vietnam Part 3 continued: Cat Ba Island

Day 3: Exploring Cat Ba Island itself

Cat Ba Island itself has plenty of beautiful nature to boast about. A good idea is to rent a motorbike (60k VND for a day) and drive around the island. The highlights include the Hospital Cave and the Cat Ba National Park. The Hospital Cave is another proof of Vietnamese ingenuity. During the Vietnam War, the cave hosted injured soldiers, who could hide away from the American soldiers. Inside, there is an impressive maze of tunnels and some pretty huge rooms. The creepy dolls are meant to exemplify how many people could fit into the cave (a lot!).

Halong Bay cheap way - explore Cat Ba Island's hospital cave
Stairs to enter the cave were a bit of a challenge. Leave heels at home.
Hospital cave - Cat Ba Island
Hospital cave – an amazing maze of tunnels inside of a cave that served as a hidden hospital during the Vietnam War.
Hospital cave at Cat Ba Island
The creepy dolls are part of an exhibition and help to visualize what the space looked like over fifty years ago.
The cave at Cat Ba Island itself has a really impressive size
The cave itself has a really impressive size.
The plan of the Cat Ba Island National Park
The plan of the Cat Ba National Park (available in English as well)
Cat Ba Island National Park
Cat Ba National Park – the climb to the peak was worth the view!
Cat Ba Island Park
One of the treks in the Cat Ba Island National Park – there is a lot of climbing.
Cat Ba Island nature from the peak
Yes, come to Vietnam for the nature!

Our final dinner consisted of chicken and rice, clams and two free beers! We had a little guest join us too 🙂

Final dinner in Cat Ba Island
Final dinner in Cat Ba and our little companion, who of course, just wanted to play with our smartphones.
Cat Ba Island Hai Phong beer
This is our entertainment for the night. I lost all the time.

I must say – I absolutely loved Halong Bay as well as Cat Ba Island! I wish more people would explore Cat Ba – the food and nature are definitely worth it. If you want to devote 2-3 days to seeing the Halong Bay region, Cat Ba is a no- brainer.

Look below for examples of tours you can do from Cat Ba:

Cat Ba Island Tour
Cat Ba Boat Tours with Full Moon Party Hotel
Cat Ba Island tour
Cat Ba Climbing daily tours – private tours are 1-2 people and the group ones up to 15 people (at least this is my experience).


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