What to see in Berlin


  1. Jüdisches Museum: if I were to pick one museum to visit, this would be it. It’s very unique and -thanks to its location in Berlin – it has a very strong historical context and powerful message. If you ever wondered how Germany addresses Holocaust, it is definitely worth visiting.
  2. Holocaust Memorial – make sure to stop by the this monument, wander around and observe how its overwhelming form makes you feel. Again, in the context of Holocaust, the experience is quite different.
  3. Free walking tour of Berlin – hits all of the major sights, so it’s both informative and super time-effective (Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery, Berlin Cathedral etc.)
  4. Book a visit to the dome of Reichstag – the view is quite cool!
  5. Berlin Cathedral – they charge for entry unless you go to the 6 PM mass (there is a separate entrance in front, and no one says you have to stay until the end)
  6. Brandenburg Gate – enough said, take the iconic photo in front of it and keep going 🙂


  1. Tiergarten is my all-time favourite
  2. The park outside of the Berlin Cathedral is actually quite pleasant as well (if the weather permits)
  3. Get a city bike and bike around the town (there’s a really good network of cycling routes in the city)

Food & Entertainment

  1. Try the mysterious currywurst 😉
  2. Also, check out what’s apparently the best kebab in Berlin
  3. Try the Berliner Weisse green version
  4. Try Potsdamer Platz for cinemas, restaurant and cafes
  5. Find the hipster bars by the river (closer to East Berlin)
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