My name is Aleksandra Zakidalska. I am an economist and a traveler (hence the blog headline). I try to combine all my interests together. With a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and a natural tendency to over-analyse the reality around me, I put a creative spin on describing the many places I visit and situations I face. I am also into all aspects of digital marketing and making this blog has been one of my favorite pastimes.

Besides, if you need any travel tips, feel free to leave a comment to let me know. I have been to many countries (on all continents besides Antarctica 😉 – this one is yet to come) and can offer some useful tips and advice.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my travels. Your comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by!



Publications (Polish only):

Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet, “Kontrakty terminowe czyli, jak zawierać “przyszłościowe” transakcje?“, marzec 2016, [pdf]

Fundacja Lesława Pagi, “Infrastruktura – jak budować partnerstwa publiczno-prywatne?“, styczeń 2014

Gazeta Giełdy Parkiet, “O tym, jak Krzysztof Kolumb wyruszyłna podbój Ameryki czyli o roli private equity w rozwoju gospodarki“, grudzień 2013

Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie, “Strategia GPW, sierpień 2013

Projects and volunteering

Australijskie Forum Liderów Biznesu, CMO and Webmaster, 2015

Ivy Poland Foundation, Volunteer, 2014

Warsaw Capital Summit, “Youth versus Experience” (a debate about the future of stock market exchange in Poland), 2013 [pdf]

Youth on the Move (a project co-founded by the EU),  “How to encourage youth mobility” (a debate organized by Gdansk Labour Department), 2011 [pdf]

Non-university Credentials

Akademia Liderów Rynku Kapitałowego (Capital Market’s Leaders Academy), 2013 [certificate]

Akademia Mediów (Media Academy), 2013 [certificate]

Spanish language course, 2007